What Will it Cost?

Most initial consultations are included in the cost of our services if you engage us and are complimentary if you do not.  The initial consultation is a time to get a feel for one another, understand the issues, and get an estimate of fees and expenses.

When possible, we bill on a flat fee basis.  This fee is based on our estimate of how much time we think the project will entail.  Some practice areas better lend themselves to flat fee billing, such as estate planning.  Probate alternatives such as Affidavits of Heirship also lend themselves well to flat fee billing.  While other practice areas such as guardianships and estate administrations do not lend themselves as well to flat fee billing, we will provide you an estimate of the time we estimate these projects will take, along with our hourly rates, so you know up front what to expect regarding a financial commitment.

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